What You Need to Know About Becoming a Teacher in USA

Even though the U.S. is currently experiencing a severe teacher shortage right now, that doesn’t mean that it’s simple to get a job teaching in the United States. Part of that has to do with the stringent requirements established by the U.S. government, and part of that has to do with the peculiarities of the American classroom experience. Let’s look at both of these factors in greater detail.

The U.S. State Department, which coordinates a popular work visa program for foreign teachers coming to America, lists seven different criteria that must be met before you can teach at a U.S. school. First and most importantly, you must have a teaching certification or license in your home country and meet all qualifications for teaching in that country. Secondly, you must be working as a teacher at the time of your application — so you can’t “come out of retirement” to land a teaching gig in America. You must also have a university degree that’s equivalent to a four-year bachelor’s degree in the United States, and you must have at least a minimum of 24 months of relevant teaching experience.

Those are just the federal requirements, though. There are also the state, or local, requirements that you must meet. These can differ among all 50 states, as they are free to make minor tweaks to their teaching requirements to reflect their own specific needs. So, you might meet all the qualifications to teach in California – but not in Texas. It varies on a state-by- state basis.

You must also demonstrate English language proficiency, which is natural enough, given that you’ll be teaching to American students (even if many of them only speak English as a second language). Finally, you must pass a background check to make sure you are “of good reputation and character.”

But it’s the American classroom experience that’s perhaps the most daunting. One big focus now is the “Common Core” and a related concept — “teaching to the core.” That means your teaching style must adapt to specific curriculum components — you’re not free to teach a subject the way you might prefer. Secondly, there’s a tremendous focus now in American schools on “interdisciplinary” teaching. This means that you are not expected to use concepts from several different fields within your teaching, so that a class is no longer “just” a math class or a science class but also pulls in ideas from a discipline like “social studies.”

Finally, Americans place a tremendous amount of emphasis on creativity, innovation and educational enrichment. This is often very different from the experience abroad, where questions often have very specific answers, and there is a clear “right” and “wrong” in any response. The U.S. system places a much greater emphasis on a more holistic classroom experience.

That being said, many foreign teachers – even if they are qualified at home and have plenty of classroom teaching experience – often require a bit of help in navigating the U.S. system. American schools pride themselves on “getting the right fit,” and that requires foreign teaching candidates to present their background, skills and experiences in a way that will be most attractive to U.S. schools.

The good news is that two areas where U.S. schools are experiencing a real shortage – math and science – also happen to be two areas where foreign teachers may be most able to help. This may turn out to be a “win-win” situation, in which American schools are able to overcome their teacher shortage, while foreign teachers are able to leverage their skills and experiences in exactly those disciplines where they are most able to help.



  1. Manpreet Kaur

    That’s a wonderful effort. It seems to be an opportunity to excel and polish our teaching talent. can language teachers apply?

    1. admin

      Yes, Please submit your CV at Team of educators will evaluate it and respond back. Thanks

  2. Harjeet

    Can Engineering background Vocational teachers apply as they also learned mathematics as core subject.

    1. admin

      Dear Harjeet, You can apply, as long you have BEd or MEd, with 2-3 years of teaching experience. Good luck. Thanks.

  3. Ramandeep kaur

    its a great opportunity for us to give knowledge of our subject to students

  4. Tulika Ganguli

    Its really very encouraging nd exciting to get such privilege abroad at USA to explore our abilities and skills. But would like to confirm that apart of a bachelor’s or a master degree into Education, if we have an equivalent Master’s degree and good handful years of experience into teaching and training profile. Would it be considered anyhow. Please guide.

    Thanks and regards,
    Tulika Ganguli

    1. admin

      Submit your resume. It is hard to tell based on the info provided. Thanks

  5. shalley sharma

    Respected sir / mam
    Could I apply???
    I m a language teacher.
    How to submit my file and whom to contact????
    Kindly guide

    1. admin

      Hello Shalley,Please submit your CV at Team of educators will evaluate it and respond back. Thanks

  6. shalley sharma

    I m m.a.english and b.ed.and have 6 yrs of teaching experience. I am still working as a teacher.

    1. admin

      Hello Shalley, Please submit your CV at Team of educators will evaluate it and respond back. Thanks

  7. Manmohan singh

    Hello sir,
    I m b. Sc. Non medical +b. Ed. Working as teacher from last 6years.what Is my scope … Plz tell

    1. admin

      Hello Manmohan, Please submit your CV at Team of educators will evaluate it and respond back. Thanks

  8. Poonam prajapat

    Sir I m govt maths teacher Msc B.ed and ielts complete with 6 band and having 6 yrs govt teaching experience and 5 yrs private schoolteaching experience can I m eligible

    1. admin

      Dear Poonam, There is high demand for Maths teachers. Please submit your CV at Team of educators will evaluate it and respond back. Thanks

  9. Gurinder singh

    Hi sir…is there any scope for music teachers….????

    1. admin

      Dear Gurinder, currently our training packages are not for music teachers. Thanks

  10. Bhanu

    Hello I have done my in finance and accounts and have cleared my ielts with 7.5 bands….Is there any scope..?

    1. admin

      Hello Bhanu, do you currently teach in a school?

  11. harmandeep kaur

    Its really good…but how to apply for this and what is the band requierment for english language..

    1. admin

      Hello Harmandeep, to apply for TIES ACE Program. First step is to submit your resume.Please submit your CV at Team of educators will evaluate it and respond back. Band of 6+ is highly recommended. Thanks

  12. Yaser khan

    I WANA teach IN USA

    1. admin

      Please submit your resume/CV at TIES website Thanks.

  13. Vandana

    I am B.Sc, B.Ed, M.A. english and approximately 15 years of experience. What’s the scope?

    1. admin

      Please submit your resume/CV at TIES website Thanks.

  14. Pooja Kapoor

    I have been teacing in a private school as PGT English since 2008 , recently quitted due to unavoidable circumstances. Am I elligible to apply?? Plz reply asap.

    1. admin

      Hello Pooja, you should be currently working as a teacher in your home country.

  15. shalley sharma

    Respected sir / mam
    I have submitted my cv.
    I have been working as english mistress in government school in punjab for the last six years.
    I m fluent in english also.
    Kindly guide me if I have any scope in U.S.A.

    1. admin

      Hello Shalley, your resume will be review and if short listed, you will be sent video interview. Thanks.

  16. Seema

    Hello sir I am teaching in govt.elementry School in Punjab for last 15 years .I uploaded my CV.what is the next step for me?

    1. admin

      Hello Seema, Your resume will be reviewed and TIES will contact you for next steps.

  17. Kulwinder Kaur

    Hello sir
    i am teaching social sciences from last 16 years approx. In private school. Is there any scope for my subject. Plz reply

    1. admin

      You can apply as elementary teacher.

  18. Raman

    I Have Completed the process and I have submitted my cv.
    i would like to follow the next Procedure.
    thank you..

    1. admin

      Thanks. Your resume will be reviewed by the team as will contact you accordingly.

  19. Amanjot

    Your Comment (required) sir I am also interested to teach in USA I have 3 year experience as a tgt of social science in CBSE school . but I don’t have ilets certificate. is am eligible for teaching in USA . and I want to know what is your fee for this course.

    1. admin

      IELTS is not mandatory but highly recommended. You can upload your resume at our website or send it to [email protected]

  20. Kavita Sharma

    I am working as primary teacher in one of the best schoolof CBSE board.It is a great opportunity to get job in USA.I am working as teacher from last10 years.Is there any scope for me as teacher there?

    1. admin

      Yes. Please upload your resume at our website or send it to [email protected]


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